Friday, March 7, 2008

Games on Foot!

Learn the rules of GAMES and the rules of the games that we are planning to play! Friday night, 7 March at 6:30pm at the Waverly Civic Center...
Here is how to get there (courtesy of Jayne!)

The Games location for tomorrow is at the WAVERLY CIVIC CENTER 1st Street NE (*in case you want to google location) This facility is located in the downtown Waverlyarea (1 block NORTH from the Waverly Theatre) to givethose people familiar with Waverly a general sense ofwhere the civic center is located! For those unfamiliar here are directions:*Take WAVERLY EXIT into Waverly (Hwy. 218 Business Route) Follow to the junction of Hwy. 218 and Hwy. 3/ Landmark: Just after DQ on left side.*Turn RIGHT at the 218/3- which is also marked BREMER AVENUE - you will be traveling East. Landmarks: you will pass Fareway Food Stores (right side of street).*FOLLOW Bremer Avenue across CEDAR RIVER BRIDGE and plan to turn LEFT at the stoplight just over the bridge. This is 1st STREET NE. (Landmark: Waverly Theatre is on the right side)*FOLLOW 1st Street NE to end of block- the Waverly Civic Center is at the end of the block... you will run into it if you try to go straight!PARKING/MAIN ENTRANCE: As you drive towards thebuilding you are looking at the side. You can onlyturn RIGHT and you will see the parking lot for theCivic Center. The main entrance has a canopy typeentrance- parking all along side of the civic center.Call me if you have questions or need Jayne Kielman'sversion of MAPQUEST! (cell (319) 231-2592)

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