Friday, February 29, 2008

Wonderful Website!

Congratulations Alayna! Through tears and did it!
We still have to add the forms and update the members' pages...and a couple of other clean up items, but the site looks AWESOME and I have already received congratulations from the web guys at Pony Club! Way to use the tools and to make it FLASHY!!!
Love the site - see how you can access this BLOG, as well as pictures AND the calendar!!! I am going to figure out how to get all the addresses and everything showing up, but it is SHARP!!!
Make a note of our new web address and bookmark/my favorite it TODAY!
Thank you Alayna!


Thursday, February 28, 2008


We haven't got team names yet, but STARRING at Quiz Rally this year we have the following teams:

1.  Captained by Breanna H, we have Ben B, Jordan T and Meg S.
2.  Captained by Ethan S, we have McKenzie K, Ashley H and Liz H.
3.  Captained by Taylor from TRPC and along with Leah, we have Desiray J and Courtney C.

Then Steph will be 'scrambling' with friends around the region!


Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is going to be FUN, EDUCATIONAL and an absolute 'must do' (well, if you can!!), for those attending Quiz.
Held at the Cedar Falls Community Center from 10am through about 3:00pm.  Cost to join in the lunch (pizza and pop) will be $10.00 for the kids participating, $5.00 for parent volunteers.  Please note that if you are staying during the Mock Quiz, we will need your help!  Right now I have 4 parents who have volunteered - and me, of course!  Anyone else who will help, please let me know as soon as possible!!
Preparation planning help is needed!  I will be getting things together at my house Friday night from 6:30pm and then again Saturday from noon through 4pm.  Please let me know if you can join me to help!
Lots of learning and a great chance for the kids to get to know their teams!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Ready for Quiz!

We need to get our teams together!  So far the kids and/or parents who have said that they will be proudly representing SBPC at the regional Quiz Rally are:
Ben and Steph B, Breanna & Ashley H, Liz H, Desiray W, Courtney C, McKenzie K, Ethan S and Jordan T.  We are excited to have you on the team and hope to add a couple of more before we 'draw for teams' prior to Mock Quiz!  Kids, you get to choose your own team name, so start thinking of some good ones!  In the past we have had:  The Little Bits & Bits'N Pieces.  What 'Bits' or 'Silver' names can you come up with?!
It is going to be so much fun!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Directions to Live the Knowledge Farm!

Of course, this might be weather permitting, but my goodness, I hope that we finally get a break soon!
Here are directions to the Dettweilers' (Lane's End Farm) for February 24th:
Take C57 East all the way to Fairbank Amish Blvd (there is a flashing stop sign), turn left/north onto Fairbank Amish Blvd.
Travel North to the next stop sign (HWY 281), travel straight on, continuing over the RR tracks.
The first gravel road to your right is 30th Street.  Turn right onto 30th St.
Look for a big red, hip-roofed barn, running north/south, in the yard that sits on the corner of 30th street on the East/right side.
Dettweilers' is the second place on the left, green roofed buildings & yellow, 2 storey house; Andrea notes that the 2 hyper little dogs (sound familiar??!!) are non-violent!
Note: if you get to Oelwein airport, you went too far!


WOW!  This was truly the 'camp to beat all camps', and the kudos goes to Jayne for putting it together and to all our parent volunteers for making it work!
From the fun elements of swimming, movie, etiquette dinner to the learning opportunities (loved the You Tube gaits!), from Cory, our super Fort Dodge representative to 'Quiz Bits', our kids not only had a blast, but learned more than I think we have ever managed to pack in over such a short time!  Seeing the kids answer questions correctly on the written test that they had learned the day before was very satisfactory!
Feel free to create your blog and let us know how much fun you all had!
Great camp, going to be hard to top!  


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horse Management Seminar in Galena!

Congratulations to the following kids who have signed up to participate in the Horse Management clinic in Galena March 8: Desiray W, Steph B, Ben B, Courtney C, Elizabeth H and Breanna H. You all are going to learn so much! Jaime and I will be going as the 'adult' representatives and will no doubt have a blast learning together!
Jaime, Steph and Desiray will all be staying over for the regional dinner and continuing the learning the second day; I can't wait to hear everything that you pick up and are able to share with the club.
I am so proud to have such a huge representation; go team!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live the Knowledge starts February 24!

What a great visit we have lined up! The team is invited to Robert Dettweiler's farm in Oelwein on Sunday, 24 February. With 35 head of horses, including a Percheron stallion and several mares in foal...and a couple of new babies too, there will be lots to visit and see! Robert and his wife Andrea help local Clydesdale breeders get their horses show ready and have a lot to share and show! The meeting will be at 3pm and will begin with Andrea sharing some information and then we get to watch as the horses are brought in for feed time and general chores. This will be one not to miss!


Fun in the SNOW and COLD!

What a brave crew (to include Becky getting the car stuck in my driveway) we had on Sunday! Fearless Siver Bits members and intrepid Timber Ridge guests got together to learn about tack and (for the D3s and above) tack fit!
From figuring out that the BROWband goes on the BROW and the CHEEKpiece goes right over the cheek, to getting that tack sparkling clean, it was a good learning day and puts us one step nearer to knowing what we all need to know for Quiz!
Tack fit was a little quicker than anticipated thanks to the shivering in the barn, but I know that it was a fun time reviving old friendships!
Great meeting guys! On to camp......