Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is going to be FUN, EDUCATIONAL and an absolute 'must do' (well, if you can!!), for those attending Quiz.
Held at the Cedar Falls Community Center from 10am through about 3:00pm.  Cost to join in the lunch (pizza and pop) will be $10.00 for the kids participating, $5.00 for parent volunteers.  Please note that if you are staying during the Mock Quiz, we will need your help!  Right now I have 4 parents who have volunteered - and me, of course!  Anyone else who will help, please let me know as soon as possible!!
Preparation planning help is needed!  I will be getting things together at my house Friday night from 6:30pm and then again Saturday from noon through 4pm.  Please let me know if you can join me to help!
Lots of learning and a great chance for the kids to get to know their teams!


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