Monday, February 18, 2008


WOW!  This was truly the 'camp to beat all camps', and the kudos goes to Jayne for putting it together and to all our parent volunteers for making it work!
From the fun elements of swimming, movie, etiquette dinner to the learning opportunities (loved the You Tube gaits!), from Cory, our super Fort Dodge representative to 'Quiz Bits', our kids not only had a blast, but learned more than I think we have ever managed to pack in over such a short time!  Seeing the kids answer questions correctly on the written test that they had learned the day before was very satisfactory!
Feel free to create your blog and let us know how much fun you all had!
Great camp, going to be hard to top!  


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Bridget said...

Ben says that even though he thinks we should have a video came contest at camp, he has to admit that this camp wasn't boring at all - although he did get a tummy ache after hearing about the worms in the horse's tummy.