Monday, February 18, 2008

Directions to Live the Knowledge Farm!

Of course, this might be weather permitting, but my goodness, I hope that we finally get a break soon!
Here are directions to the Dettweilers' (Lane's End Farm) for February 24th:
Take C57 East all the way to Fairbank Amish Blvd (there is a flashing stop sign), turn left/north onto Fairbank Amish Blvd.
Travel North to the next stop sign (HWY 281), travel straight on, continuing over the RR tracks.
The first gravel road to your right is 30th Street.  Turn right onto 30th St.
Look for a big red, hip-roofed barn, running north/south, in the yard that sits on the corner of 30th street on the East/right side.
Dettweilers' is the second place on the left, green roofed buildings & yellow, 2 storey house; Andrea notes that the 2 hyper little dogs (sound familiar??!!) are non-violent!
Note: if you get to Oelwein airport, you went too far!

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