Saturday, May 17, 2008


The good weather is finally here! Lots of sunshine, ready for our first 'real' mounted meeting of the year at Centennial tomorrow!
We have 8 kids 'signed up' to attend, so you will be split into two groups of four. One group will have some polocrosse practise, the other will be able to do some begining quadrille - a ton of fun and something that we will be working on at our camp!
Since I have been bad at updating our blog, here is the latest!
Success at our clinic! 12 kids participated and all had a BLAST! Congratulations to Rabia O. and Kallie H., our respective first and second place winners in the skills test, and then to Ben and Jordan who finished third and fourth, leading the SBPC kids!
Games Rally at Hoosier Horse Park followed the next weekend, with Steph's team, the Seed Spitters coming fourth both overall and in HM, and with Ben's team, the Racing Stripes, covering themselves in glory by winning both ribbons; much to their delight (and with 2 boys on the team, much fist pumping too!).
The fun continues with our mounted meeting this weekend and then our Polocrosse team, Silver Bullets, representing us in June at PoloX Rally - Steph, McKenzie, Ben and Breanna (SM) will be doing their best; and having a blast!
Watch out for TRPC Camp information (emailed out yesterday), our camp plans starting, parades, more mounted meetings, practices and more! Check out the updated calendar and be ready to PLAY!


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