Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update Day 6!

Good news!  Almost a week and both Dixie and Brody are doing better.  Brody's wound had started to become infected, so some of the stitches were removed and the wound flushed out...nasty business, but he will feel so much better now!  Dixie is on water therapy now for her wounds and that dead muscle is sloughing out of the big wound.  We still have bone exposed on her foreleg which might need to be shaved, but the wound is clean and not infected, so we are waiting a week or so to see how things go.  Dixie has dropped a lot of weight, so we now are feeding Omegatin as she turned up her nose at the Health-E Oil.  Gunnar is not nearly so fussy, so he gets the oil to put some pounds back on.
Both families now have houses to move in; no more hotel living....yay!
Items have started to arrive and we are thrilled  and excited as everything comes in - Lizzie, Michael, Breanna and Ashley can't wait to have their own belongings to take/bring to lessons and/or meetings!  Again, thank you one and all!


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Leslie said...

Hi Bridget,

Just wanted to let you know I found your drive information online and have posted these families needs on the Citizen Action Team Relief Database. Here is the link:

I will continue to check periodically for any other needs you discover or blog about, and I've also shared this with yahoo groups and Katrina's Angels.

The Citizen Action Team would like to extend our thoughts, prayers and blessings to those impacted by this devastation.

Please let us know if we can help coordinate any additional necessary relief for this community as it goes through the recovery process.

In Service,

Leslie Teltoe
National Director/Citizen Action Team Relief Database