Friday, May 30, 2008

Tornado Update

Sunday, 5pm shortly after our Silver Bits mounted meeting and cookout, right after everyone got home, the tornado hit us...and hit us hard. Two of our special families lost everything. Breanna and Ashley H. lost their home and their ponies. Of the family horses, Knight is in perfect health, Gunnar has a nasty puncture wound on his neck and gash in his belly and Dixie is badly injured....numerous wounds, nasty gash in her near fore and large open area on her hindquarters. Lizzie and Michael and sibling Nicky lost two of the family horses and Brody is badly injured and still suffering from shock. Patches just happened to be visiting at the Brysons and is unharmed.
As I write this it is day 5 and we are all hanging in there. The outpouring of love and wishes of help from the horse community and especially Pony Club members from around the country is overwhelming. Every message, note and email is being saved for the families to read over when they are ready. Brody is inching his way towards feeling better. Dixie seems well in herself although it seems that she shouldn't even be standing. She is losing a lot of weight and we are doing all that we can to keep her eating and to get that weight back on.
Breanna, Ashley and family have been given a house to live in temporarily, Lizzie and Michael's family are still living in a hotel room and are searching for something to live in as the house gets rebuilt.
We thank you...each and every one of you...for the love and support. I can't tell you how proud I am of our Silver Bits team as everyone has stepped forward, donated, helped, made calls and done everything they can to help our two familes in need.

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